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Warrior Winches Frequently Asked Questions

Winch Related Questions

  • How do I install my 8000-20000lbs recovery winch?

    All recovery winches whether they are 12v or 24v DC need to be powered by a heavy duty battery or series of batteries connected together.

    All recovery winches from 8000-20000lbs are supplied with a ESB (Emergency Stop Button) this has to be installed in the positive line for safety cut off.

    Negative earth leads are provided and MUST be connected to the main battery negative to create a good circuit, if your black earth cable is too short to reach the battery terminal a extension cable will be required (Can be bought separately).

  • How do I install my UTV or ATV winch?

    All ninja winches come complete with battery leads (Long leads) and also the motor leads (Short leads), on installation of your new winch you first need to connect the black & red motor cables (short leads) to the winch motor from the solenoid box and then connect the positive (Red) and negative (BLACK) cables to the battery terminals.

  • Mounting plates explained.

    If you choose to install your recovery winch using a prefabricated mounting plate (Sold separately) there are different models to suit different winch.

    The following guide will help

    • Winches 8000-12000lbs We recommend IST600
    • Winches 17500-20000lbs We recommend IST200
    • Winch 5250ENS24-60ENS24 We recommend IST640
    • Winches 95SDS12 We recommend IST500
    • Winch 60SPS12 We recommend IST60SPS
  • My winch will not work from new?

    Most common cause is the user has not connected up the RED & BLACK power cables either to the battery or to the motor (Only applicable on a NINJA series).

  • My wireless remote transmitter will not work?

    To test whether or not it is WRC or winch simple plug in the wired remote lead and try the winch if it works it points to the WRC system has a fault.

    Most common cause is user has not installed batteries in to transmitter handset or battery is low. Another common cause is low voltage to the receiver.

Hoist Related Questions

  • Can a winch be used for lifting?

    Yes your winch can be used for lifting but you MUST implement a safety factor of 5:1

    Winches are a pulling device and don’t normally be used for lifting application.

    If you choose to use your winch for lifting application we strongly recommend terminating the free spool option for your own safety.

  • My scaffold hoist will not work from new?

    Most common cause of your scaffold hoist not working from new is the ‘Safety Interlock Key’ has not been inserted.

    Your hoist is supplied with a interlock key attached to the hook to be inserted in the red interlock switch, first remove the dust cover on the bottom of the interlock switch assembly and insert the key to power up the hoist.

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