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  • Spartan 9500 Electric Winch

    Spartan 9500 Electric Winch

    Available options: Part No:
    12v with Steel Cable 9500

    In the winching industry, you usually get what you pay for. The lower the price, the poorer the quality. Very rarely is a new product brought to the market that is the exception to this rule, giving you far more features & value than the price would imply.

    Warrior Winches are delighted to announce the arrival of the Spartan Series, Tough, Strong and ready for a Battle, these Winches really will challenge all before them. We have reluctantly termed them as ‘entry level’, however this describes the price point, not the performance. We really believe these to be the best value for money Winches around, a lower price does not mean that we have had to compromise the core values integral to a good winch, such as reliability and durability.

    Available in 8000lb, 9500lb, & 12000lb capacity there is a model for every leisure application. With great performance, outstanding features included as standard, & backed by the Warrior Winches un-rivalled limited Lifetime Warranty, this should make a Spartan the first choice for all serious enthusiasts.


    • Weather Sealed High Performance Motor
    • Heavy Duty 3 Stage Gearbox
    • Heavy Duty Drum Supports
    • Weather Sealed Solenoids
    • Full Steel Planetary Gearing
    • Full Load Holding Brake
    • Every winch is 100% Load Tested
    • Chip Resistant Gloss Paint Finish

    Accessories Included

    • 3/8 Hook
      3/8 Hook
    • 3m Remote Handset
      3m Remote Handset
    • Heavy Duty Battery Leads
      Heavy Duty Battery Leads
    • Heavy Duty Roller Fairleads
      Heavy Duty Roller Fairleads
    • Stainless Steel Mounting Hardware
      Stainless Steel Mounting Hardware
    • Steel Cable 9.2mm x 25m
      Steel Cable 9.2mm x 25m
    Rated Line Pull 9500 lbs (4309 kg)
    Motor 12v : 4.6hp / 3.5kw
    Gearing 230:1
    Braking Action Auto in the drum
    Drum Size Dia x L 63 x 224mm
    Cable Dia x L 9.2mm x 25m
    Dimensions 545 x 160 x 248mm
    Mounting Pattern 254 x 114.3mm
    Certification CE
    Layer of Wire Rope Line Pull
    lbs (kgs)
    1 9500 (4309)
    2 7600 (3447)
    3 6200 (2812)
    4 5400 (2449)
    Line Pull lbs (kgs) Line Speed
    ft/min (m/min)
    Amp Draw 12v
    0 25 (7.8) 65
    2000 (907) 11.67 (3.6) 179
    3000 (1361) 10.05 (3.1) 203
    6000 (2721) 9.08 (2.8) 286
    8000 (3629) 7.13 (2.2) 330
    9500 (4309) 6.16 (1.9) 365



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