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Next Generation Centurion Winch Remote

Next Generation Centurion Winch Remote

Sku: LD110000

The Next Generation Centurion is our most recent professional wireless winch remote. Made in the UK, it performs under even the toughest conditions.


Centurion Wireless Winch Controls operate with constant communication between the Transmitter and Receiver, making sure that a correctly coded signal is received at all times. No chance of any outside intervention. In the event of any false signal the Receiver will immediately shut down before resetting. If the Transmitter is not used during a 30 minute period then the system will shut off. Centurion is powered by 2 x AAA batteries, drawing only 20 milliamps when operational, thus giving a substantial battery life of 200 hours before any change is required.


Centurion systems have a distinct coding system, so they are interchangeable with other Centurion products. Operating with one of 16 million codes, it is totally impossible for any crosscoding to take place. If a Transmitter is lost it is very simple to code up another Transmitter to the Receiver - any user can do this in minutes.


Centurion Transmitters and Receivers have a waterproof rating of IP 67 ' this means they are totally waterproof and can be fully immersed in water. If required the Transmitter will float, making this an ideal product for winching out through water or marine applications.

Compliance with Standards

  • R&TTE Directive 1999/5/EC
  • Safety EN 60204-1
    EN ISO 13849-1 2008 to Cat 4 (replaces EN 954-1)
  • EMC 2004/104/EEC
    ETSI 300-220v1.1.1
  • Approval Mark e11 037601
  • FCC Approved
  • Spectrum 433.92 F1D CE!


Centurion Transmitters and Receivers are made from the highest quality moulded PVC. The Transmitter has a rubber membrane seal, with carbon contact buttons, giving a positive and firm feel when operated. Typical range is up to 45m (150ft), more with line of sight, without any dropout. The robust design, which allows heavy duty usage without failure, operates within a temperature range of -30°C to + 65°C.


The Centurion Transmitter is carefully designed to fit comfortably into either hand. The firm rubber buttons react instantly to the touch, giving perfect fingertip control. The Lanyard supplied allows the Transmitter to hang safely from the neck, making it available for immediate usage; alternatively, it is small enough to slip into the pocket.

Output Protections

All Receiver outputs are protected by 3 amp safety circuits and built in diodes. Any excess loads will automatically shut off the system, protecting the circuitry.

Reverse Polarity Protection

Centurion systems are reverse polarity protected - even if you connect up incorrectly you will not damage the system.

Technical Specifications

Type 2 Rubber membrane with carbon contact
Frequency 433.92 MHz F1D
Power Supply 2 AAA 1.5V batteries
Operating Current draw 20 milliamps
IP Rating 67
Range Nominal as supplied 45 metres (150 ft) from the Receiver
-30'C to + 65'C
(-22'F to + 149'F)
Output Switching FET's
LED's Power, Status, Fault, Set and both Outputs
IP Rating IP67
Antenna Internal
Amps Rating FET 3 Amps
System Output 3 Amps
Instant Tx Response No perceivable delay between TX operation and RX action
Wiring loom 1.5mm fitted