Armortek Synthetic Winch Rope

Armortek Synthetic Winch Rope is made with high strength HMPE light weight fibre. It undergoes a unique pre stretching process and is coated with the special Armortek abrasion resistant coating to enable maximum pull and the ultimate endurance.

UV Stabilisation gives the rope long and safe working life. Not affected by oil or water and is just as strong whether used in dry, wet, cold or humid conditions.

The SUPER TOUGH Armortek Extreme Winch Rope is designed to withstand even more rigorous winching punishment. These winch lines have a double braided construction consisting of an inner 12 strand 'core' rope with a tightly woven outer shield. The inner core is extremely well protected from UV rays, as well as dirt abrasion whilst the outer braid acts as an abrasion guard for the entire length of the core line.

Armortek Extreme Winch Rope

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